Get to know the Netlify brand with these guidelines and resources.


Our app uses color very sporadically, and when it does, it carries some weight to it. Our marketing site tries to bring balance to the Force, and is very colorful with bright hero gradients.

Base color

At the core of it all, our palette comes down to a very simple family of colors. The base color is used throughout the Netlify for text. The lighter shades are used as background color to create depth.

  • #0E1E25
  • #2D3B41
  • #7D8589
  • #A3A9AC
  • #E9EBEB
  • #F7F8F8

Accent color

Teal is the primary accent color. Red is used exclusively for error messages and danger actions. Gold is used sporadically for upgrade call to actions or when a second accent color is needed.

  • #00AD9F
  • #00C7B7
  • #FA3946
  • #FB6D77
  • #DBA800
  • #F6BC00


For our logotype, marketing website, and all of our marketing assets, we use Roboto as the official typeface. The Netlify app uses a system fonts stack, so what you see depends on the device you are viewing from.